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SEC Disagrees with Supreme Court’s Anti-U.S. Investor Morrison Decision

May 11, 2012 - SEC disagrees with Supreme Court’s anti-U.S. Investor Morrison decision and favors clearly defined private right of action against foreign wrongdoers, rather than abolition of U.S. investors’ legal rights, SEC Staff Study asserts.


Council of Institutional Investors Calls upon Congress to Override Anti-Investor Morrison Supreme Court Decision

March 1, 2012 --Inexplicably, the SEC is more than a month overdue in meeting its statutory responsibility to advise Congress whether or not to protect U.S. investors or leave in-place Morrison’s shield for foreign corporate wrongdoers against U.S. investor accountability.

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Are the Administration’s Regulators Acting in Judge Rakoff’s “Public Interest” or Wall Street’s?

Dec. 6, 2011 - In one of its filings prior to U.S. Judge Jed Rakoff’s celebrated November 28th refusal to rubber stamp an SEC-Citicorp deal allowing the bank – a “recidivist offender,” according to Rakoff -- to escape significant damages and an admission of wrongdoing for what could have been egregious, knowing fraud in Citi’s sale of bad mortgage-related assets to unwitting investors, the SEC incredibly asserted that “the public interest . . . is not part of [the] applicable standard of judicial review [of the proposed Citicorp settlement.]” To that, Manhattan federal Judge Rakoff simply responded: “This is erroneous.”

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What Wall Street Protestors Should Ask For and the Third Battle of Manassas

October 11, 2011--Although the mainstream media has widely reported the photogenic and growing Wall Street protest movement, and many bloggers have cheered on the demonstrators, no one can explain what these idealists hope to achieve. Yes, they’ve drawn attention to pervasive greed among elites, growing income inequality and widespread unemployment, among other ills. And, the protestors chose Wall Street as the appropriate point of departure for an evolving national movement. So, it is fitting that their goals be directed toward Wall Street and its allies on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Good, Bad & Ugly Day for Investor Protection

June 7, 2011 -- In a surprise win for the public good, the Supreme Court unanimously agreed with Halliburton’s investors that their fraud suit against the oil services and defense giant had been wrongfully killed by the notoriously pro-Big Oil federal appeals court in New Orleans.